Massive thanks to the Good For Nothing Gang!

Thanks to our wonderful Good For Nothing crew; Nanz, Rose, Lena, Lulin, & Rachelle!

Over the course of a Friday & Saturday, we came together, formed a team around our idea, and cranked out some fantastic creative responses to our challenges!

Not only did we get the amazing video:

We also have an amazingly sharp looking new logo & identity. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Collaboration Cafe - New Identity

Finally, a big thanks to Enspiral for hosting, Hell Pizza & Kapai for laying on food & discounts!  Can’t wait till the next Collaboration Cafe on 10 September to see the new video in action!

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Collaboration Cafe - where ideas take flight from Collaboration Cafe on Vimeo.

Collaboration Cafe - where ideas take flight

You have an idea, but you don’t know where to start. This is a place to share it, to collaborate. Listen to what comes back, and… let it take flight.

Collaboration Cafe was created in Wellington by a small team from the Intersect network & ReGeneration crew.
We want to share our idea with the world, so we created this video at Good For Nothing WGTN (

We hope you like it, feel free to spread it far & wide - just like the ideas which have taken flight from Collaboration Cafe.

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You found me: My Open Innovation Article on Fast Company


Head over to Fast Company to read my article on “5 Lessons For Using Open Innovation To Maximize The Wisdom Of The Crowd” - it’s one of my better ones (I think). :)

And please know - I wouldn’t have been able to write this article if not for the superior work of some of the smartest…

(via collaborativefund)

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Design Thinking mashed with Biomimicry...

We’re pretty excited by the idea of Biomimicry being mixed with Design Thinking, so when we read this FastCoExist article about two of the world’s respected authorities on this subject collaborating, we couldn’t help but post. 

Check this out!Biomimicry meets Design Thinking

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What’s your take on the developments of a City 2.0 in Portugal?

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Inspiring stuff going on over in UK hosted by our friends @g00dfornothing!

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Stop Throwing Starfish

Slowly but surely we see a rising awareness that the Challenges we face are not simple. Thus our response to them must acknowledge the complexity of the situation, turn it to Opportunity, and embrace Collaboration.  Great read from SSIR.

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yourstorywellington: I would love to tell you what I'm aiming to do with my blog and how you can help get it started if you send me an ask. Unfortunately, I can't fit it all here with out hitting the character limit, but the basic idea is to capture as many stories as possible of those living in Wellington, NZ. I, personally, am Canadian, but as soon as I find some money, I'll be flying down.

Hey guys! Always happy to hear more - drop me a line at and perhaps we can unravel that cryptic sounding invitation! Sam

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Diarise this: 30 APRIL

Collaboration Cafe is back in Wellington and getting things cranking once more!!

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Do you have a project for the next Collaboration Cafe?

Let us know here, or get in touch through twitter - @CollabCafe

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